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≫ I've Sound コミケ67販売「Mixed up -I've Remix Style-」


01 砂漠の雪 "Mixed up TAKASE KAZUYA style"
02 Close to me… "Mixed up TAKASE KAZUYA style"
03 同じ空の下で "Mixed up UETSU MIU × Rich style"
04 Philosophy "Mixed up POR style"
05 See You〜小さな永遠 "Mixed up FISH TONE style"
06 Ever stay snow "Mixed up C.G.mix style"
07 砂の城 -The Castle of Sand- "Mixed up TAKESHI×Featuring POR style"
08 涙の誓い -the divine pledge of tears- "Mixed up FISH TONE style"
09 verge "Mixed up NAKAZAWA TOMOYUKI style"
10 Cross talk "Mixed up FISH TONE style"

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